The 2 book of Louis

Jan Louis Cordier
Hi, my name is Jan Louis Cordier. I am the fool that proved that God exists... not only once, but I did it twice. Yes, I am a sucker for punishment ;)

Don't Panic

Atheists and agnostics don't worry, I couldn't have done the proof without your help.

Which God?

The competition for God of Engineering was between me and Elon Musk. Elon, you where a worthy adversary, but I won ;p

The final competition was for God of Science-Fiction and I won that one too...

Map of Consciousness

Raise your Vibration

How to experience Synchronicity


Are we alone in the universe? No.


Mutual Assured Destruction vs. Superintelligence
Do you still trust those machines that control Dead Hand?
Vladimir Putin, remember Grigori Rasputin, any relation?
Please, pretty please stop your shit in the Ukraine!




Stop stealing our rhino horns.

If the proof of a theorem is not immediately apparent, it may be because you are
trying the wrong approach. Below are some effective methods of proof that might
aim you in the right direction.

Proof by obviousness: "The proof is so clear that it need not be mentioned."
Proof by general agreement: "All in favor?..."
Proof by imagination: "Well, we'll pretend it's true..."
Proof by convenience: "It would be very nice if it were true, so..."
Proof by necessity: "It had better be true, or the entire structure of mathematics would crumble to the ground."
Proof by plausibility: "It sounds good, so it must be true."
Proof by intimidation: "Don't be stupid; of course it's true!"
Proof by lack of sufficient time: "Because of the time constrait, I'll leave the proof to you."
Proof by postponement: "The proof for this is long and arduous, so it is given to you in the appendix."
Proof by accident: "Hey, what have we here?!"
Proof by insignificance: "Who really cares anyway?"
Proof by mumbo-jumbo: Mumbo-Jumbo A\E\phi\rho x sin(t)
Proof by profanity: (example omitted)
Proof by definition: "We define it to be true."
Proof by tautology: "It's true because it's true."
Proof by plagarism: "As we see on page 289,..."
Proof by lost reference: "I know I saw it somewhere...."
Proof by calculus: "This proof requires calculus, so we'll skip it."
Proof by terror: When intimidation fails...
Proof by lack of interest: "Does anyone really want to see this?"
Proof by illegibility: Illegibility .--.-.-.-.-.-.-- QED
Proof by logic: "If it is on the problem sheet, it must be true!"
Proof by majority rule: Only to be used if general agreement is impossible.
Proof by clever variable choice: "Let A be the number such that this proof works..."
Proof by tessellation: "This proof is the same as the last."
Proof by divine word: "...And the Lord said, 'Let it be true,' and it was true."
Proof by stubbornness: "I don't care what you say- it is true."
Proof by simplification: "This proof reduced to the statement 1 + 1 = 2."
Proof by hasty generalization: "Well, it works for 17, so it works for all reals."
Proof by deception: "Now everyone turn their backs..."
Proof by supplication: "Oh please, let it be true."
Proof by poor analogy: "Well, it's just like..."
Proof by avoidance: Limit of proof by postponement as it approaches infinity
Proof by design: If it's not true in today's math, invent a new system in which it is.
Proof by authority: "Well, Don Knuth says it's true, so it must be!"
Proof by intuition: "I have this gut feeling."

Judgement Day

Each and everyone of you will be judged on 3 criteria:
  1. Passion
  2. Creativity
  3. Originality
Joule, I call dibs!

Next, proceed to the proof: The 3 book of Louis

Now download your free local copy here, just remember my beer!